Specialized Trail Crew: They Bribed me with Carbon Fiber

Specialized called.

They said, “Join the Trail Crew. We’ll give you a sweet bike and a big box of gear. All you have to do is blog.”

My heart answered for me, “Yessir. Of course, sir. Did you say carbon fiber, sir?”

I am a bike whore if ever there was one and since I picked up my 26 Stumpjumper HT a few years ago, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to spend more times on trails.

The new, fancy bike came and I accepted it quietly. It’s a 2011 Era Comp Carbon. Full suspension. Fully loaded. Full of love.

Let’s be really frank: I’m totally unworthy of this bike. But I plan to do it as much justice as possible.

This is the short way of saying, I blog over here now sometimes.

I ride a full suspension carbon fiber mountain bike now sometimes.

I’m fucking head over heels over here sometimes.

And, finally? Want to go mountain biking? Yes, call me!

And… want to buy a 26″ HT Stumpjumper?

Yes! Call me!

Or wait until I post it here on this blog. Should be within the next few days or so.

4 Responses to “Specialized Trail Crew: They Bribed me with Carbon Fiber”

  1. Kronda says:


    Barring that, maybe if I can steal just a teeny bit of fun time between terms, then yes, we should go mountain biking. You can kick my ass all over the trail. :)

  2. Aaron says:

    If I could be so lucky! Living the good life!

  3. Dad says:

    I will be checking for those trail crew type blisters on those ET fingers kiddo. no blisters, the bike goes back! (as if you would do that) sounds like a sweet deal!


  4. Rick Vosper says:

    Geez, Heidi, you sound like exactly the kind of rider we were recruiting for the Airborne Flight Crew a couple weeks back…and we don’t even have carbon fiber. Good luck with the Specialized folks– I used to work there and they’re good people.