RYU Apparel Review (plus a 15% off code)

I recently had the opportunity to sample a few pieces from RYU (Respect Your Universe)* [disclosure: I did not pay for these items, but I was not paid to write this review], an athletic apparel brand that got its start in the mixed martial arts scene. RYU aims to fuse style with performance while producing their products from organic and recycled sources with sustainability in mind. In addition to their website, you can purchase products at stores in Vegas and Seattle.

The language on the website references a kind of “athlete-warrior” ethic:

During this quest, we discovered a multi-dimensional athlete—one who redefines what is humanly possible. They live by an unspoken code—strength, honor, respect and sustainability. And from this way of life, RYU was born…It’s a high performance product line using specialized fabrics and construction with patent-pending design innovations, because the warrior in all of us has demands.

The intention is good even if the messaging is a little heavy-handed, and the RYU products themselves are versatile, well-designed and flattering. Probably the biggest endorsement I can give is that after testing these products, I went back to the website and purchased the Dea Tank and Allure Bra. Hint hint: These are 60% off right now!

Here I take a look at the Siren Bra (available online March 1) and the Endurance Jacket. Girls stuff, but they’ve got boy stuff too.

Siren Bra

Where I tested it: 4-mile run, hot yoga class, bodyweight HIIT / plyo class, 50-mile bike ride. 
Good for:
I’d classify this bra as great for low-to-medium support needs. Low-impact activities like yoga or cycling, great? Running, plyo, etc? Maybe not, unless you’re an A or a B cup.
Sizing: I’m a 34C and I took a medium.  According to the sizing chart, I might have tried a small, but I knew better. And I have pretty broad shoulders.
Cost: Will retail for $48.
Overall impression: The Siren bra is beautiful. For those of you who are comfortable going sports-bra-only in a yoga class, it’s ideal. The mesh inset panels on the front are modern and maybe a little sexy without trying too hard. But my favorite thing about this bra is the gorgeous strap detail, the mesh panels on the back (which aren’t really visible in the shot above) and the way it makes my boobs look under shirts. The shaping is so good—and the bra is so comfortable—I wear it regularly under street clothes as well. It’s the bra I am wearing in this instagram photo from about a month ago:


The Siren Bra won’t be available for purchase online until March 1st, but you can score it right away at the Seattle location. If you wait to buy online, use the code GRIT&GLIMMER15 to receive a 15% discount.

Endurance Jacket

Where I tested: 4-mile run in the rain (don’t recommend this), as my only outer layer on a trip to southern California (worked like a charm), around town with casual street clothes (again, solid), commuting around town by bike (ace).
Good for:
Cool fall runs or walks, light coverup on the way to or from a workout, bike commuting, traveling or… anytime everyday. This jacket has some pretty legit street appeal.
Sizing: I went with a large which allowed me to layer underneath, but I could have easily worn a medium for a bit more streamlined fit. (I’m a size 8 in women’s apparel.)
Cost: $115
Overall: The Endurance Jacket is a good wind breaker, but it’s an even better general coverup for travel. Lightweight and packable, the high zip collar and feminine cut give it some serious range and wardrobe adaptability. I wore it layered up with a scarf, dark denim and Margiela ankle boots while visiting friends in L.A. At home a windbreaker is never going to be my first choice for street clothes, but when space and weight are at a premium it’s nice to have something that can work in so many different settings. It’s a pretty ideal general spring/summer outer layer and it will definitely be in my suitcase when I head to El Salvador in a couple of weeks. Also: great on the town bike—long enough in the back, good wind protection, stretch side panels provide great range of motion. Bonus: comfort cuffs and thumbholes. Cozy.

Discount Code

To receive 15% off purchase made online, use the code GRIT&GLIMMER15. This offer only applies to full-priced items and is good until March 31st.

Next up: RYU running tights.



4 Responses to “RYU Apparel Review (plus a 15% off code)”

  1. jayne duvall says:

    you make the clothes look great…nicely designed shots. hey i thought you kept your hair short?

    • Heidi Swift says:

      Thanks, Jayne. I hate being in front of the camera, but I have discovered, quite by accident, that wearing sunglasses helps. :)
      My hair was short for most of 2012, but I grew it out last year. It’s actually a lot easier on the bike for me to have a ponytail instead of a scraggly mop of sweaty medium-short hair matted to my head!

  2. jayne duvall says:

    i am with you on the ponytail. i have a shortish cut that i quite like but with a helmet over it….eh…not so much.

  3. [...] My online colleague Heidi Swift is right on in saying the Siren is beautiful, because it is. Nice and comfortable and soft, with great detailing. The thing that I found most interesting was the modesty padding on the bra. It’s really nice for support and shaping. This is a bra you can wear under a normal shirt or dress and not look like you’re wearing a sports bra. The straps are incredibly non-annoying; I don’t even notice them at all. RYU seems to have a gift for bras with non-intrusive straps. I love it. [...]