Review: Assos rainBootie_S7

Nothing says S&M superhero quite like an oil slick bootie. Besides making me feel slightly naughty (sadly, this may be the most risqué piece of clothing I own), the rainBootie_S7 performed impressively in Portland’s persistently rainy conditions. The 434 stretch fabric is coated with a proprietary polyurethane that Assos developed specifically for this purpose: the result is an incredibly elastic final material that is also reasonably durable. The Assos website advises care when putting these on and taking them off, but I wore them through an entire Fall and Winter season and only just now discovered a small hole on the bottom. That said, I treat them with a pretty delicate hand.

Nylon reinforcement at the toe and heel further increased resistance against abrasion. The tight gripper at the top of the cuff successfully minimizes the amount of rain that drips down into your shoe and the reflective zipper locks in place at the top. While the wind and rain protection is second-to-none, these booties do not provide much by way of insulation: once the temperature dips below about 48, I switch to something a little beefier.

As with all Assos products, you’re going to pay through the nose for these, so I had to score them pretty low on value. Still, a damn sexy shoe cover that I turn to more often than I’d like to admit.


Performance: 8/10
Style: 9/10
Durability: 6/10
Value: 4/10

Overall: 6.5/10



2 Responses to “Review: Assos rainBootie_S7”

  1. chr15 says:

    Shoe covers are nearly always going to fall down on durability in my experience, I’ve never had any that realistically last more than two winters.

    As for value for money… top end brands are always going to have that as a question mark, especially if you need a second pair for when the mercury drops.

    • Heidi Swift says:

      I have a pair of Enduras that are hanging on for a third winter: those are my go-to when temps go south, but they’re definitely bulky and not-so-sleek. Not that I care what my feet like when it’s 39 degrees and raining :)