Portland Peeps: What Are Your Favorite Long Rides?

It was bound to happen, even with all the traveling.

I’m tired of all my Portland rides.

I’m tired of Larch. I’m tired of Vernonia Century. I’m tired of Skyline. I’m tired of Sauvie Island. I’m tired of Bridge of the Gods. I’m tired of Marine Drive.

Bored. Tired tired tired.

So, I ask you: what are your favorite secret long rides?

Criteria: 80+ miles round trip, elevation gain is good. These can be from Portland, but they can also be nearby.

Bonus: If you can supply a GPS file (or map it on RideWithGPS.com you get mega gold star bonus points). If you can point out the best lunch stop along the route, I’ll send fireworks to explode right over your house.

Whadya got?

Next I’m going to ask you about training music, so get ready!



16 Responses to “Portland Peeps: What Are Your Favorite Long Rides?”

  1. Matt Westermeyer says:


    Hey Heidi,
    Most of my long rides are out on the east side since that’s where I live. You’ve probably done part of this ride, or maybe most in different segments. You could start a number of different ways (I just put in the shortest distance from Ladd’s to 205 bike path, but basically the ride incorporates some roads out to Eagle Fern park (with climbs past Willamette Cemetery and up Judd Rd), then a long sustained climb up George Rd and around past the fish hatchery. Kind of a rim-rattling descent on the backside back down to Eagle Fern, then up Kitzmiller and back into Sandy which has a number of options for food/coffee (Joe’s Donuts, Mountain Moka). From there it’s down Ten Eyck and up Shipley then out Marmot road back to 26. I’ve usually ridden back on 26 but highways suck so I put in some side roads on Coalman (I haven’t done this but looks like a good alternative to highway riding). Then back through Sandy and Boring to Springwater. I love riding out south and east of sandy – George climb is great (longer sustained climbing) and the views from Marmot are spectacular. The link is on Mapmyride – hopefully this works for you and if not the exact ride you want, maybe it will spark some new ideas for rides. There’s nothing worse than riding the same roads over and over, and with as many miles as you’re putting in, that’s inevitable. Good luck with the rest of your training. Vive le (Reve) Tour!

  2. David Stabler says:

    Lolo Pass! http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/49072908

    Pretty sure it’s described in one of the Rubber Meets the Road volumes. Prettiest ride around, but wait for a warm day. Cold descent.

    We start at the old Roslyn Lake (now drained) and climb to Devil’s Backbone, down into Little Switzerland and up to Lolo. Be sure to do the Lolo loop counterclockwise because you don’t want to descend the forest service road. Fine going up, though.

  3. Otis says:

    I’m guessing you have this one in the ride book but if not, it’s a solid century to keep in mind. Moderate climbing, good views, and mostly nice roads throughout. Best done w/ a couple others to share some pacemaking if it’s windy.


  4. Otis says:

    Woops. I didn’t even read your original post! ^^Ignore my link…

  5. Tige says:

    Crown point or multnomah falls for sure.

  6. I love a big counter clockwise Carver bridge-Springfield road past Estacada then up to Wildcat mountain and cross over 26 to Marmot road. And back. That kinda touches on Lolo pass territory too.

  7. David Bussey says:

    Love Sawtell road up from Molalla 300 ft to 2200 feet. Sweet climb. also incorporate this with the Molalla river canyon and you could have a nice 70-80 miles withe 5000 feet of climbing.

    Good Luck


  8. Barry says:

    Bald Peak ride out of Rubber to the Road; Dutch Canyon/Otto Miller (a little short for your criteria); Bull Run to Marmot Rd out to Sandy or up to Timberline

  9. Three summits course of the mount hood cycling classic was cleared of snow yesterday. Lots of great riding out east around The Dalles.

  10. Jonathan Gordon says:

    Here’s a strava link of the Bull Run ride I did recently:


    There’s a few nice climbs. It’s not too heavily traveled by cars. You can lunch out at the Edgefield. I think you can also miss most of the (relatively quick-moving) traffic by skipping 257 and doing Troutdale road instead.

  11. Tym says:


    Some of this was included in an above route, but here are some good roads in Clackamas/Estacada area. North Fork Rd (Forest Rd 4610) is a particularly favorite “secret” climb of mine, I have it on the map as an up to where it turns to gravel before turning around. Supposedly you can ride through to Tumala Mtn Rd, tho the googlemaps roads aren’t accurate/don’t exist. I got a forest service map but haven’t tried it yet.
    The cool things is a lot of these climbs you can add or subtract to change the ride as you’d wish. There are a lot of little roads that are fun to loop together out there.

    Another add-on not on the map you could do would be to hang right at Redlands and then left on Fellows to go up a short but nasty little climb. You can loop back around to Estacada fairly easy from the top of it too.

    Hope this helps. I really like mixing up different routes out there.

  12. Mark says:

    Here’s one just under 80 miles, but it more than compensates with great, sustained climbs and excellent scenery. It’s a bit outside of Portland–Trout Lake, WA–but easily done in a day even if you start late. As for food stops, you could always hit Walking Man Brewery on the way home to Portland. Or, do the ride as I did with my son-in-law, camping at Lower Falls Campground and riding from there. Our families had a well stocked larder so the meals before and after were great.


  13. emir says:

    Boy there are so many great ones around Portland but here are some:
    -a loop around Mt. Hood (counterclockwise)

    -Timothy lake

    -a great little loop just north of PDX