PhotoGlimmer: Strangers in Hawaii

Hawaii was almost sullen. Bodies beached and burning. Languid. Languishing?

We dove in, full-on tourist style except for a few excursions to secret beaches revealed to us by friends with local knowledge. At the Royal Kona Resort octogenarians in bright red lipstick and head kerchiefs owned the late afternoon bar scene. We stayed in a lovely condo just south of the main fray.

The sky was bright. Then not so bright. Overcast and breezy, the whole island seem to pout.

I spent my time drinking, sleeping, sunning and photographing strangers with my YashicaT4.

As down-time goes, it was right lovely. As paradise goes, it was complicated.

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One Response to “PhotoGlimmer: Strangers in Hawaii”

  1. Chris says:

    Great pictures. And here I thought everyone in Hawaii looked like Laird Hamilton and all those other buff, bronzed, and bitchin’ types.