PhotoGlimmer: Camp N Ride

Mile 19. You pointed to the left and said, “Look at that road.”

It was the straight kind that goes into forever and then keeps going a little further. Farm road. Quiet. Looked suspiciously like it might turn into gravel.

(It did.)

We turned off the highway and pedaled out toward the horizon. We did not know where the road went. We did not know if the road was a dead end. We did not stop and check our computer-phones to find out.

Sometimes, you just know when you are on the right road.

Later we came back on Highway 27 through the valley that cuts through the canyons and you couldn’t stop yourself from making the “wow” shape with your lips. Basalt cliffs 600 feet straight up and hawks hunting in the sky above us. Fisherman plucked rainbow trout from the water to our right.

The sun was getting low and hazy yellow as we made the final turn before Chimney Rock so we railed the curves of the descent and then attacked the gravel that led to the campsite. Laughing.

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2 Responses to “PhotoGlimmer: Camp N Ride”

  1. chr15 says:

    Magic indeed.

    I read this while stuck in a jam on the motorway listening to the same five songs over an over on [insert bad commercial radio station here].

    To my left I could see a farm road, the straight kind that goes into forever and then keeps going a little further… There were a couple of people on bikes disappearing into the distance.

    I typed the office number into my ‘phone.

    [Faux sick voice] “Hey, It’s Chris, I’m feeling pretty sick and didn’t sleep at all well – i think I’m just gonna stay at home today, I’ll see you next week”

    Swift, if this economy sinks any further, I’m holding you to ransom!