Oh hi, Haiti.

I’ve been called out. I know, my new year’s resolution to blog twice a week is off to a dubious start. That said, I’m crushing my other resolutions. 66% isn’t really even a D+ but 2 outa 3 ain’t bad?

I don’t know.

Either way, I’m sitting in seat 34A waiting for the departure of a plane to SFO, which will lead to a plane to Newark, which will eventually, someday get me to Haiti. Where I will pretend to race my mountain bike. Where I will meet amazing people like Canadian Paralympic Cyclist, Brian Cowie and Rush-Miller Foundation founder, Eric Miller. These two men will be racing a tandem mountain bike in the MTB Ayiti Ascent Race. Eric Miller has suggested that he should beat me and I should beat Cowie, which is to say we should finish side by side. Despite the weight of their full suspension tandem mountain bike, which they call “the monster”, I’ll be surprised if I am able to keep up with these two. (Powerhouses!)

How’d I get myself into this thing? The beginning of the story is over at switchback magazine. The rest of the story will eventually be there too, with a final recap in print.

For now, it’s time to pull of my compression socks and get ready to snuggle into leg 1 of 3. I have 18 hours of travel between me and 90 degree weather and I plan to sleep through as much of it as possible.

The BabyBike (Specialized Era) is packed and folded and nestled and all ready to meet me in Port au Prince.

This moment: the anticipation, the not knowing, the tube-stuffed-with-humanity flying through the air?

This is the good part. This is the good stuff.

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  1. chr15 says:

    Sounds like a blast! Have a great time!