Obsession: Olive Oil

Photo Jun 21, 8 47 35 AM

Color study | Olive Oil

Two of my current favorites:

Left: Oregon Olive Mill Arebequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil —$18.99

Right: Castello di Ama 2013 Extra Virgin Olive Oil —Roughly $45.00, not available in U.S.

It’s great to see olive oil coming out of Oregon! Oregon Olive Mill has 13,000 olive trees in Dayton, though they also incorporate olives imported from California. It’s a respectable bottle with a great nose, mild nutty flavor and an impressive price-value ratio.

The Castello di Ama is more robust with a grassy sharpness and peppery finish that pairs especially well with tomatoes and stronger flavors, though I put it on just about everything I eat. I love both the rich color and bright flavor.

Have a favorite olive oil?

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