Music Love Tuesday: The National, Radical Face, Western States Motel, The Naked and the Famous and The Eels

The National’s new song, Exile Vilify has been kicking my ass for the past few days. In the spirit of that and other ass-kicking songs-of-late (at least for me). Here’s some musical love.

Exile Vilify by The National

Welcome Home by Radical Face:

Powerlines by The Western States Motel:

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous:

Fresh Feeling by The Eels

7 Responses to “Music Love Tuesday: The National, Radical Face, Western States Motel, The Naked and the Famous and The Eels”

  1. dad says:

    this stuff must be a revolution against the “atonal screaming backed by the thunderous brown tuneless atonal guitar crap” that typified 80′s “rock” It’s quiet music (if any) and no range voices. not unpleasant, just lifeless. Oh well. Their fans are happy. That’s what music is for..
    Don’t let an old curmudgeon bother you. (as if)


  2. dad says:

    PS missed you on here!

  3. snarkypants says:

    Every curmudgeon to their opinion!
    One friend described Young Blood as a song that makes them want to run and jump and come home with bloody, scraped up elbows.
    Did you listen to the piano line in Exile Vilify? There’s life there.
    Maybe you missed the leaping crescendos in Welcome Home?

    Life isn’t always loud or characterized by multi-octave vocal explorations. But I guess it shouldn’t be a shocker that a father doesn’t care for his daughter’s music?
    Generations. :)

  4. dad says:

    wait! I hate most of the 80′s music! hence the tuneless atonal stuff.
    and you’re right, I didn’t listen all the way through. my bad

  5. dad says:

    OK I like coming home a lot. I don’t know if you remember but I have always been radically opposed to electronic percussion. Also I think I failed to mention the horrible screeching that is associated with that eighties stuff. No screeching here. I like them better.
    have you checked out Alicia de Larrocha lately

  6. dad says:

    OK I gotta stop but I made it sound like I like the screechers better.
    NO way! I like this stuff much MUCH better than the screechers!

  7. Jeff McNamee says:

    Check out this Vimeo bike video featuring Radical Face. My kids ask to watch it daily!