Is it already January?

It is. It is January already.

How did that happen?

Nevermind. It’s time for that thing that we do every time a year ticks over because we like the feeling of a specific (yet arbitrary) starting line. Despite the fact that you can do this any any point – at any single moment – in your life, the new year is great time to spend some time thinking and focusing and goal-setting.

In the spirit of making public statements for the purpose of future accountability, I’m going to throw down a New Year’s Resolution for 2013.

It’s more of a theme than an actual resolution: consistency.

You see, I have this habit of moving through extremes: riding the Tour de France, for instance, and then mostly ignoring my bike for four months. Or working 14 hours a day for 4 days and then giving myself 4 days off.

You might argue that I’m just following the natural flow of my personal and profession energy, but the truth is that the extreme nature of my actions leads to extremes in my emotions. It causes a lot of unnecessary drama.

So here I proclaim unto the internets: in 2013 I’m going to focus on being more steady, more balanced, and more consistent. (Hey, cycling coach, are you listening?)

And because picking a theme feels a little like a cop-out, I made a few specific, measurable goals to go along with it so I can have something to beat myself over the head with when I start falling short:

  • Run, lift or ride every day. Minimum 2 mile run, minimum 45-minute ride, minimum 30-minute lift (or interval train).  Throwing my very-neglected Strava account link up as my witness (see sidebar).
  • Blog twice a week. (Gasp!) It’s good exercise, man. And I have fun with you guys. I’m sure someone will call me out on this at some point. Please do.
  • Make photos – purposefully  – once per week. You may never see the results of this one and I’m not going to explain it completely, but I am working toward focus and intention in my photographic practice. Practicing it as art, for art’s sake alone, and exploring all the philosophical and existential stuff that goes along with it.
  • Read a book a week. Sal bought me a Kindle for Christmas and while I have railed against the tragedy of electronic books, I read four books in four days after I opened it on Christmas Eve (The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein; The Education of a Photographer – Traub, Heller, Bell; This is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz and The Wondrous Brief Life of Oscar Wao (also Diaz). The reading makes me calm. Goddamit, I love words.

What about you?

Big rides? Big adventures? Small cups of awesome? Going to grow an award-winning beard?

Let’s hear it.




4 Responses to “Is it already January?”

  1. Linda says:

    I love your resolutions! Haven’t done mine yet but I do like the theme of consistency. I think mine will be something along the lines of following through, not wasting time, and actually doing what I commit to.

    Loved The Art of Racing in the Rain. Great read.

  2. chr15 says:

    Why is it whenever I read other people’s resolutions I think to my self “yeah I should do that”? But in this case your’s look very much like mine. Although I’m still working on FIGHT from last year.

    Run, ride or core work, I’m getting pretty soft around the middle these days.

    Make more photographs – this is more like learn to use my camera, like learning to ride your bike, I want to use my camera(s) until it becomes second nature. I have a number of photo projects lined up that I will share (in part) on my tumblr account.

    Reading… yup, good luck with that… I love words too, but time doesn’t allow the reading that I would like. Sure I read a tonne over the holidays but now the work, the bike/run/core thing along with life gets in the way. My reading time right now is in the tub at the end of the day with a tumbler of Woodford.

    We all have things that we want to do more of, or less of and new year is a great reminder that we shouldn’t just let things be. I guess we could sum up all of our resolutions in your four words “focus… steady… balance… consistent” – thanks for the perspective!

    BTW – I already have an award winning beard :)

  3. laura says:

    Okay, great resolutions and since no one has yet, I am calling you out! It’s been over a week and only one blog post!

    This is the first year I actually made resolutions, ever. However, I do practice setting goals for myself, just not annually.

    My list of resolutions also includes cycling, weights, running and photography. I am skinny endurance athlete and for some crazy reason was invited to join my bike shop’s cycling team, so it’s time to put in the miles and at least attempt to life some weights!) The next is to update my portfolio and get back to photography as fine art.
    But in general, these resolutions all come under the umbrella of continuing to grow as a person, to push myself and to inspire the same in those around me.
    Which brings me to your blog.
    Thank you.

  4. Lauren says:

    Hey! It’s almost February! Lemme see them posts!