Home to Lecchi

Headed back home. Gonna ride bikes. Drink wine. Eat my heart out. Live inGamba style for 7 perfect days.

We’re gonna laugh so hard we cry. Gonna make our legs hate us then let the soigneur coax them back to the brightside. Gonna have dinners in castles, wander the cobbled streets of Siena, let the Philosopher Shoemaker kiss both our cheeks, taste Il Magnifico’s amazing pastries, bathe in the thermal baths, drink too many espressos.

Paolo’s going to call to us in the morning. Raul’s going to dance with the tuba. Anna’s going to hug us too hard, speak Italian to us too fast, feed us too many servings of Morgaro’s perfect tiramisu.

We’re gonna ride so hard. Or maybe we’ll just ride easy. Or maybe we’ll stop 4 times along the way for gelato. And push the sleeves of our jerseys up for all that sunshine.

Gonna meet in the morning at the service course and find our freshly tuned Pinarellos. Pull on our shoes, find our helmets and rain bags in our cubbies. Someone’s gonna rub oil on our legs. They’re gonna shine.

I can’t really explain it all, but it’s the best way to live. You can’t do it all the time, but you can have it for a week. A single perfect week in Tuscany.

Headed back home. Back to where I grew up on the bike and found that joy-shaped missing part of me that I never even thought to look for.

Join me?

inGamba Women’s Week starts May 10th in the tiniest, sweetest little hamlet of Lecchi. Meet me there, I’ll have a glass of rosato waiting.

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