Grace and Flight at Pre Classic

Shot from the track at last week’s Pre Classic international track meet. Bodies honed to perfection, the pinnacle of sport. After so many years pointing a lens at cyclists it was refreshing to observe another form, another brand of effort, another shape of athlete.

Stacked sprinters, lithe high-jumpers, ultra-efficient middle distance runners. The best in the world gathered in Oregon.

I was most struck by the balance of professionalism and emotion; sport as a business retains the purity of its point of origination. Disappointment, elation, triumph. Elite or amateur, the core of sport lives in every athlete. Human potential amplified through motion.

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One Response to “Grace and Flight at Pre Classic”

  1. Michael Lewallen says:

    I have followed your work for several years, love your writing. Love even more the photographs. Track & Field and Cycling have been lift long interest. Your photographs capture the essence of both sports. The high-jumper flipped and the two ladies runners in B &W were two of my favorites.
    Cant wait for more!