Cozy-Time with Tyler Farrar at Upper Echelon Fitness

What: Meet Tyler Farrar

When: Sunday, November 14th – 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Where: Upper Echelon Fitness @ 1420 Northwest 17th

Why: It’s Tyler Farrar! Hello! Smart, handsome, FAST

More Info: On the Facebook Event Page (Please RSVP!)


Last year I had the distinct honor of eating dinner with Tyler Farrar when he came into town for an event at River City Bicycles. While there, I took the really silly photo you see here then went home and wrote a post called “Seven Reasons to Love Tyler Farrar“.

It was easy to write. And Tyler is really easy to like.

Which is why I’m stoked to announce that he’s coming back!! Apparently my giddy-star-struck cheeseball grin did not scare him away permanently, which is good news for us all.

The event starts at 5:30pm at the new Upper Echelon Fitness facility at 1420 Northwest 17th Avenue #388 in Portland. We’ll be chattifying officially from 6-7pm which basically means that I’ll be asking lots of questions and trying not to look like I do in the photo on this page.


We are also giving away a new Garmin Edge 500 as a door prize.

That’s right. Show up and don’t miss your chance to win some sweet bling. Please join us! It’s going to be lots of fun and there will (of course) be beer.

Submit your own questions for Tyler here!

Finally, I’d love for this to be a cool opportunity for everyone to be able to ask questions. For the sake of time and sanity, I’ll be doing all the asking but please send me any questions you’d like to get an answer to. I can’t guarantee we will get to them all (I am obligated, of course, to spend a few minutes analyzing his wardrobe – particularly if he chooses to pull a repeat on the snakeskin boots from last year. Yowza!!) but I will do my best.

Leave questions in the comments section or email them directly to me through the contact page.


(Yes I do know that this falls on the same day as Barton Park, the final Cross Crusade race. I will rally after my race to look presentable and smell decent. You should too!)

7 Responses to “Cozy-Time with Tyler Farrar at Upper Echelon Fitness”

  1. Matt Haughey says:

    Here’s what I asked on Twitter:

    - How did he keep his spirits up when he seemed to always get 2nd in sprints a couple years ago to Cavendish and others? He did well the next year winning TdF stages, so whatever it was worked, but I’m curious how he pulled through that first big year as a sprinter but not scoring a lot of wins.

    - I’m curious how his dad is doing these days after getting hit riding. Did the driver get brought to justice? Did his dad mend up enough to go back to being a doctor? If not, did he get a decent settlement and does he live without pain these days?

    - Riders never talk badly about current sponsors but I’m curious what his all time least favorite bike he raced on was. What was his least favorite bike in his career (even back when he was a junior counts).

    And some new ones:

    - Has he ever tried cyclocross? If not, why not? If so, why doesn’t he do a few low-key cross races near his fall/winter home?

    - The Garmin team played up their nutrition/diet the past few years (rice instead of pasta, etc). Did it seem to help Tyler recover better and perform better or was it no difference?

    - How will sprints go next year if Tyler and Thor are on the same team in the same sprint? Is Thor Hushovd going to be more of a Spring Classics rider? Come summer time at the TdF, will Thor be a new lead-out for Tyler or vice versa? or will they contest sprints individually in the future?

    - I know the Garmin team prides itself on racing clean, but has Tyler ever witnessed other riders on other teams before using PEDs? Does it suck to have to share a hotel room with a guy transfusing his own blood or injecting himself with crazy stuff at all hours of the night?

    I’m going to try and attend the appearance post Barton as well, looking forward to any (or even none) of these questions coming up.

  2. Miriam says:

    It must be hard being so swooneriffic, how does he handle the hordes of women throwing panties at him?

  3. Guy says:

    First off Congrats sounds like a great gig! Hope to make it.

    1. At what point in your life did you have that feeling that I can do this, I can race my bike and make an awesome living at it.

    2. What is the most important part of being a pro? Diet, training,rest, commitment?

    3. What is your stance on doping, and should all teams be required to implement the same inner doping control that Garmin has in place.

    4. Are you nervous or excited about the switch from Felt to Cervelo, having been so successfull on the later?

    5. How long did did it take to master the beautifull Dutch or Flemmish language?

    6. Any chance that you will race on a croo bike here in the states or abroad?

    Thanks Heidi sorry about the non spell check!

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