Nothing Like a Little Fine Print

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. I’m not a fitness professional. I have no degrees in either nutrition, physiology or exercise science. All this to say, I know jack shit and you should take everything I write here about fitness, nutrition, exercise, training, and eating for what it is: my careful observations and recordings about what I notice, what I think, and what is (or isn’t) working for me.
  2. I don’t get paid to write reviews. Companies will sometimes send me their products (food, gear, etc) in the hopes that I will write about it and give them some press. Usually, I get to keep the products. That’s rad – and where that happens, I will let you know. I never let the fact that I got something for free influence my review – I just try to shoot straight and tell it like it is (because you would string me up by my toes if I got shady on you). Most often, I just review stuff that I already have or purchased on my own. Again, I’ll let you know which is which when I write reviews.
  3. I occasionally use affiliate links, most often to Precision Nutrition, a nutrition coaching program. I do this because out of everything I’ve seen on the market, Precision Nutrition is the most effective, straightforward way to improve your relationship with food, move towards a healthy, balanced diet and get really, really strong. It’s really good. The money that I make when someone spends money with PN helps me with the hard costs of running this website.