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My Cycling Beginnings

I discovered my passion for bikes from a very young age. For me, it was like my bike was a motorcycle. When I started riding on a motorcycle, I was very small, but then I thought that if the pilot didn't fit, I wanted to be a cyclist. Now I'm just riding a bike to stay fit and for fun. I really like going up ports and I love to improve my times every time I repeat a route.

I have to control myself so I don't get too excited and go to the maximum. It's not good to go full every day, you have to train head and know when to take a few days of recovery. Best of all is when we all go together as a group! Hours and miles fly by in the company, plus it allows us to train with more quality. It has always been a joy to support each other, and this has created a very great friendship. Lonely days are also exciting because it gives you time to look for motivations within yourself.

My Passion for Cycling

Behind every passionate cyclist, there is a story. A story of discovery, adventure, hunger, etc. The possibilities are boundless once you sit on the saddle.

When I first started cycling, it was my getaway to recharge my batteries, so it became my passion. I consider myself a passionate cyclist who is always open to new adventures. Cycling is an incredibly time-demanding sport, even for one like me, who is not a professional cyclist and not training for the World Tour. As years are passing by, every day, I am less able to go on track, but I found a new way to live my passion.

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Bike Collector

The bike is a very important part of the practice, and the one I use is a Pinarello Dogma F10. The key to choosing a bike is a well-adjusted size, which weighs little and has a high-quality carbon frame, although this does not leave the aesthetics aside.

Years ago I told myself that I wanted to collect all my bikes because with them I have memories and unforgettable moments. Much of my achievement in sport has been riding a bicycle. I remember with great affection those hard moments, which I have faced by hitting the pedals hard, making a climb to a particular road.

Now I have a very nice collection of Pinarello's. It is a correlation of bikes that marks time and fashion, as you can appreciate changes in technology and colors by seeing them all together.