Time Tested: Indestructible SIDI Road Shoes

Working in the cycling industry gives me a lot of access to test new product and while I’m as smitten with shiny stuff as the next gear-junkie, I’m most impressed by the pieces that just refuse to die.

Unfortunately for Sal, who would very much love to have a reason to buy a new, sparkly pair of cycling shoes, these ancient SIDI road shoes fall into that category.

Purchased in 2002, they have endured over 37,500 miles of use. These are the shoes that he still wears every day for road riding. The ratchets are original and in perfect working order. He has replaced the heel twice. The soft leather has conformed to his feet so perfectly that they look like well-worn climbing shoes when viewed from above.

My first Sidis, purchased around the same time, are also in nearly perfect condition though I have worn many different road shoes between now and then. I have only managed to work my way through one pair of Sidis and it took three cross seasons worth of rain, mud, snow and one-too-many-times drying over the heater vent to do it. In truth, those mountain bike shoes took way more abuse than any self-respecting piece of equipment ought to have to endure.

Sidi happens to be partnering with peloton magazine where I work on a freelance basis as the Editor at Large. They’re giving away a pair of Sidi Wires and there are four ways to win. Good luck!

12 Responses to “Time Tested: Indestructible SIDI Road Shoes”

  1. chr15 says:

    Well, I so wanted to be able to say “well you would say that as Sidi happens to be partnering with peloton magazine where you work” but… I happen to have a pair too. Although I’ve not had them quite so long as Sal and they’ve probably done half as many miles, I can say they have only gotten better with age.

    I then thought, I don’t need to enter that competition as I already have a pair… then I saw the colour!!!

    • snarkypants says:

      Whether or not anyone will actually believe it, I wrote this post last week after our trip to the Crooked River, where the photos are from. :) I didn’t even realize about the contest until this morning after I published the post. Had to go back and edit it to include the information about the contest. Who doesn’t love a screaming yellow pair of hot-shit road shoes?

  2. Jeff says:

    Any tips for reviving the velcro? My Dominators still have some years left in them, however the velcro straps aren’t holding very well any more.

    • Heidi Swift says:

      That’s a great question. Let’s see if the Twitterverse has an answer. Tweeting now.

    • Demian says:

      I took mine to a shoe repair place in Portland. Took about a week and cost about $20-30 to have new velcro stiched on. Put new life into my shoes

  3. Dean says:

    For Velcro, see if the velcro can be cut off the straps (Probably stiched to a graphic’d strap, and then sew on new velcro. Alternatively, visit a local cobbler.

    I’ve got a 13 year old pair of Diadoras that have been through a few repairs (including a heel separation riding in Africa), and while the Velcro is mostly ok, that’s probably the next thing to get replaced.

  4. SGK says:

    Sidi sells “small parts” for their shoes. I’d go to a dealer that sells lots of Sidi and they should be able to set you up with the correct velcro. The take shoe to a cobbler and they can remove the old and sew in the new. I’ve done this with a ratchet strap with great success.

  5. Skippy says:

    Ditto on the shoe repair suggestion.

  6. Robo says:

    Ok on the Velcro revive before replacing it try this : take a hair dryer and heat up
    Each 1/2 of Velcro but not to the point that it melts .. Then see if the stickyness returns !
    I have a pair of sidi shoes that the heel padding is worn out any way to fix that?

  7. Sidi Sara says:

    SGK is right, SIDI America has velcro straps in stock. Your LBS can contact us, or if you don’t live near a SIDI dealer our warranty guy is Chito@sidiamerica.com
    You can also call him 831.883.4800
    Once you have replacement straps you can take them to your local cobbler to repair your shoes.
    Robo if you need heel pads (or anything else, nearly everything on the shoe is replaceable) you can get them from your LBS. We also sell our small parts at MSRP on this website: https://www.sidismallparts.com/heelpad2