CCX Elite Nationals Photos: Unicorn Speedos and Lucky Monkey Rings

Cyclocross Nationsals Day 5 Highlights. I set myself free on the final day of Nationals, stashed all my heavy gear in a safe place and ran around with my 7D and 50mm lens only.

It was refreshing.

This is what I saw. My favorites include the shot of Beautiful Brubaker’s amazing muscular ass and quad as she rides through the crowd (I get to say this because I am friends and occasional sleepover snuggle-buddies with said ass) and the image of Georgia Gould absolutely giving it in chase.

Tina – don’t be mad! You’re so fucking beautiful it blows my mind and your fitness this year was inspiring for me. I love you.

2 Responses to “CCX Elite Nationals Photos: Unicorn Speedos and Lucky Monkey Rings”

  1. kermit says:

    this makes TWICE I’ve caught Sal drinking with a furry ape type thing If he wasn’t with you I’d hafta question his taste.

  2. beth h says:

    Great shots there!
    I’ll be a little surprised if we see this much skin next January in Madison.