I’m Heidi Swift, a writer-photographer based in Portland, Oregon. I explore how sport and adventure inform that human experience.

ThisIsSwift is the third iteration of a blog I have maintained since 2001 (formerly Grit & Glimmer and The Everyday Athlete). This site provides insight into the “work behind the work” that I do for brands and magazines. It also serves as a home for personal projects and reflections.


I was raised by wolves in Seattle, Washington before I moved to San Francisco to work with bigger, richer wolves in the advertising industry. That was fun – ad people are out of their minds. I moved to Portland, Oregon after about 7 years of that carnival.

From 2008 to 2011 I penned a bi-monthly cycling-themed column for The Oregonian newspaper. My work has also appeared in Cyclocross Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, CyclingTips, Wend Magazine, VeloNews, Travel Oregon Magazine, 1859, ROAD, Switchback Magazine and CyclingNews.com. In July of 2012, as part of a project sponsored by peloton Magazine and Cannondale Women’s Group, I rode the entire Tour de France route with a team of 5 other tenacious (and somewhat crazy) women. I survived, but just barely.

A reluctant cyclist at first,  I was lured into the painful sport by the siren song of cyclocross. Ten years ago I never thought for a second that I would ever ride a century (100 miles on a bike? What a stupid idea!) let alone the entire 2012 Tour de France course. This just proves that I am not getting any smarter as I age.

I live with my husband Sal and elderly cat in a pocket of southwest Portland, Oregon. We stumbled into some dumb luck a few years back and ended up buying the house that Bob Rummer built for his wife back in 1966. If you’re into architecture, that will means something—if you’re not, just ignore me but be warned that you may have to endure some references to mid-century modern design.

In addition to bicycles, I like old film cameras, good design, sad music, well-made cocktails (Negroni forever), literary magazines, hot baths, old scotch, and rain. But not necessarily in that order.


Sometimes I race bikes. Photo by Victor Duong

Sometimes I host events and/or interview influential cyclsts. Facilitating a discussion with Tyler Farrar – 2011.

Sometimes I ride mountain bikes. Disclosure: I’m pretty terrible at it.