A Guest Post for Bicycling Magazine: Chocolate Cake and Bourbon

Last week, Bicycling Magazine invited me to write a guest post for Bill Strickland’s blog, “The Selection”. The resulting piece draws on some of my experiences touring in the Anza-Borrego Desert and ruminates on the way that food goes from being just “fuel” to taking on a much more important meaning when camping and pedaling all day by yourself.

Other writing about this trip recently appeared on the Rapha blog. If you missed it, I welcome you to check out this piece about the subtle nuances and contrasts of touring vs. racing.

I’m in New York wrapping up a great trip that included a little bit of partying balanced by a huge load of work. (Tip: Always follow 23 back-to-back micromeetings with at least 3 glasses of very good Malbec.)

All this to say, I’m not dead! Just gathering steam. Quietly.


PS: I also really enjoyed Fat Cyclist’s guest post on Bill’s blog, as well as Judi LoPresti’s post called “Cycling in a Heroin State of Mind“.  Jeremy Powers also has a great post about what it takes to reach your goals.

One Response to “A Guest Post for Bicycling Magazine: Chocolate Cake and Bourbon”

  1. Michael says:

    You had me at bourbon (Bicycling Mag article), and then I read the article… went to your blog, and well um, I am quite impressed here. Love the photos of solo desert tour. Just awesome and inspiring. Your sight is fun, but what else would one expect from a gritty gal bourbon bicycle rider… :)